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Zoom or Skype Lessons

You don't live close by, have a really unpredictable schedule, or want to limit virus exposure potential in your life? 

Maybe this might be a good fit for you. Through the magic of the Internet, You and I can work together to make you a better player. You'll need highspeed internet, a microphone, and a webcam so we can see and hear each other during the session.  You'll also need to download and install Skype or Zoom, which ever you prefer.

Schedule an appointment with me to secure your lesson time.

When it's time for your lesson, you can click either one of pictures below to begin your online virtual lesson meeting or call....   

We can use Zoom or Skype.  Once you click either the "via Skype" or "via Zoom" picture below it will call me directly and begin your scheduled lesson.  

Please note: You'll need to ensure you have Skype or Zoom installed on your device for this to work.